Talk on knowledge crisis and I-pistemology

20 03 2012

Today I gave a talk to for group of policy researchers and civil servants following a brush up course in the Dutch School of Public Administration. We discussed how official academic and government knowledge no longer has self-evident standing as being ‘true’, and that people increasingly confront official knowledge with their own, often counterveiling experience. Such personal experience has not only become more relevant due to cultural and social changes, but also because of the ever more ubiquitous presence of first person media, like Fb, twitter, blogs, but also popular talk shows. One way for the official agencies to respond to this is to incorporate personal stories in policy development; hence a tendency for the evidence in evidence-based policy to move away from models and quantifications to focus groups and individual interviews.  I wrote more extensively about this move towards personal knowledge as the basis of all and every truth in  I-pistemology which will appear in the European Journal of Communication this month.




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24 11 2015
Een warrige worsteling met subjectiveit en objectiviteit in de journalistiek - Recensie - De Nieuwe Reporter - Journalistiek & Nieuwe Media

[…] invloedrijke boeken dateren van jaren vóór de discussie die Latour met zijn stuk opriep. En op Liesbet van Zoonen (2012) die het begrip I-pistemology introduceerde om het verschijnsel te duiden dat steeds meer […]

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