New article: I-pistemology: changing truth claims in popular and political culture

31 03 2012

In this article I introduce the notion of I-pistemology to capture a contemporary cultural process in which people from all walks of life have come to suspect the knowledge coming from official institutions and experts, and have replaced it with the truth coming from their own individual experience and opinions. While, at present, such personal experiences are successfully mobilized by the new right in Europe, I argue that I-pistemology is also the result of critical theory and movements that have identified ‘knowledge’ as an instrument of power that needs to be contested. In addition online and offline popular culture have raised personal experience to the level of the only relevant truth. In conclusion, I discuss the repercussions of I-pistemology for policy and progressive politics.

Zoonen, L. van (2012). I-Pistemology: Changing truth claims in popular and political culture. European Journal of Communication March 2012 27: 56-67, doi:10.1177/0267323112438808




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