Public debate things

31 03 2012

Appeared a couple of times in Dutch public debates recently;

  • had a long conversation with a journalist of  the feminist magazine Opzij about the popularity of Danish crime drama. Found, of course, only two comments back in the article (April, p.60), about the refreshing lack of glamour of the women, and the relentless focus of Sarah Lund and Saga Norén on their cases, both  nicely unadjusted;
  • the chairwoman of the Dutch parliament Gerdi Verbeet published her book on democracy, in which she reported the outcomes of 14 interviews with key politicians and commentators, myself included. Gerdi used lots of material from Entertaining the citizen  and we appeared to share a love for The West Wing and Borgen.
  • Talked to Trouw about their new format for the weekend sections: newspapers need to build and maintain their communities and do so through many different platforms and merchandise…. that was more or less the point (March 24).
  •  a new book came out in late March, Seekers on the web (Zinzoekers op het web), including a chapter by Fadi Hirzalla and myself about the Muslim YouTube response to this film whose name must-not-be-named….



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