Lisbon: joining the Gender in News Magazines Project

21 07 2012

I was in Lisbon last week, for the first year seminar of the Gender and News Magazines project, conducted by Sara Magalhaes, Carla Cerquiera, Mariana Bernardo and Rosa Cabecinhas. The seminar was held in the UMAR Centre, an antifascist women’s group before the 1974 revolution in Portugal and now the nation’s feminist headquarters. Mariana presented the group’s results until now: fewer women in the magazines, clear horizontal and vertical segregation of themes and people as well. Sexual and domestic violence are represented as individual issues, and interestingly, the DSL affair is framed as something ‘typically’ French that would not be possible in Portugal. My own contribution was about the rise and fall of online feminism, and how the early utopian hopes that the anonimity of the net makes gender bending and experimenting possible, have been replaced by fears about anonimity as the cause of stranger danger and online predators; fears that work as a mechanism of social control as well. See Van Zoonen, L. (2011). The rise and fall of online feminism. In M. Christensen, A. Jansson & C. Christensen (Eds.) Online territories: Globilization, Mediated Practice and Social Space. Peter Lang Publishers, p. 132-147.

Afterwards Rosa took me to Belem for a treat of Pasteis de Nata/Belem, really delicious and worth a special trip indeed!





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