New article: From identity to identification: Fixating the fragmented self

23 01 2013

In the January issue of Media, Culture and Society, I invited and edited a number of articles about identity management. My own well tried out thoughts of last year (in three separate keynotes_ about how identity is increasingly getting fixated by both cultural and technical forces, is also included. Click here to access the article, and here to go to the journal. The full reference is:

Van Zoonen, L. (2013). From identity to identification: Fixating the fragmented self. Media, Culture and Society 35(1), p. 44-51. And here are some extracts:

“Identity management as it is currently evolving, guided,  in first instance, by clear state and corporate interests, also needs to be seen as inevitably producing cultural tensions and conflicts around identity.”

“Commercial, governmental and cultural forces actively work against multiple and performative experiences and practices of identity.”

“We need safe and trustworthy multiple identity management systems that would satisfy the practical quandaries of some people’s everyday lives, but – more importantly – acknowledge the cultural diversity and multiplicity that typify us.”




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