Framing and Priming in Rotterdam

25 04 2013

My Rotterdam Faculty of Social Sciences celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Part of the festivities was an alumni diner and seminar about framing and priming. While I am familiar with the notion of framing, the main speaker showed many interesting clips, especially about the art of reframing in political debate. Many alumni nowadays work in local government and were especially interested in ways to frame their policy messages. My own curiosity, however, was more stimulated by a talk about neuromarketing, and the questions of two car dealers, alumni of sociology, who wanted to know how to sell more cars? Get them into an fMRI scanner, a good car makes the nucleus accumbens where pleasure is located (did I learn something or not?) flare up, and there you go: that’s your car. Would be a classic Jaguar in my case.



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