Keynote in Bergen: female politicians and the media

17 10 2013

Norway sees the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote this year. To celebrate, Bergen University organised a conference about gendered citizenship,also to honour their most important historian, Ida Blom, emerita and now 82 years old. Still a very sharp woman. I had the honour to be among the key note speakers, among whom also Gayatri Spivak and Alice Kessler-Harris. I talked about the influence of the media on female politicians. Apart from covering well known research outcomes about representations, I also addressed the new challenges of celebrity culture and social media. I showed some of the abuse that Julia Gillard, the former Australian MP has encountered to establish that we have not made progress. On the contrary, it seems things are getting worse; a backlash is going on for sure, and the only place in the media where we find unproblematic positive images of women in power is fiction (i.e. Borgen, Battlestar Galactica, 24, Commander in Chief). For those of you who can read Norwegian, or just turn on Google translate, there is a report of my talk here And that article has then been translated and appeared on December 10 on

And then, to top all that, the Norwegian daily Värt spent a whole page on the issue of women, media and politics, November 5, 2013.




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