Good week for IMPRINTS

14 03 2014

It was a good week for our research on identity management in the future. Two articles were accepted, one by Kybernetes and one by IEEE Technology and Society Magazine. In Kybernetes my collegue Georgina Turner and I explore the limits of the current data paradigm in identity management and propose a more expressive, narrative based understanding of identity. In the Technology and Society Magazine the core research comes from Sandra Wagemakers research master’s dissertation about the experiences of users who have an RFID or CI implant. Also our paper about survey games was accepted for the European Congress on Methodology, which will take place in Utrecht in July.

Van Zoonen, L. & G. Turner (2014). Exercising identity: agency and narrative in identity management. Kybernetes, 43(6), p.935-946.

Wagemaker, S., Van Zoonen, L. & G. Turner (2014). Giving meaning to a RFID or cochlear implant: Technology as tool, the normal self, and the enhanced self. IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, 33(2), p. 73-80.

In addition, I was invited by Erasmus Studium Generale to be in their monthly talkshow in the City Theatre of Rotterdam. I did a 20 minute interview about the risks of identity fraud, about 100 people in the audience and a nice kind of public outreach event. You can watch the full video of the interview here:

studio erasmus




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