New article: Taboos and desires of the UK public for identity management in the future

17 04 2014
In this paper, we analyze user experiences and expectations about the future of identification and authentication (I&A). We focus on structural taboos and desires around I&A and try to tap into fundamental concerns that may be relevant across particulartechnologies or contexts. We collected data by running two gamified surveys in which a representative sample of the UK public (N=1000) were engaged in I&A narratives that were accompanied by a colorful design, visuals and audio effects. We found that people use a traditional set of I&A instruments, i.e.passport, driving license, bank card, pincodes and passwords. Few of them are heavy users of biometrics. People experience little problems with their current means of I&A and do not likethe kind of futuristic means of I&A that are presented in popular culture, arts and design, and some R&D departments of big corporations. If people see room for improvements of their future means of I&A, they tend to desire higher ease and transparency of the cards they use. People hope and expect I&A in the future to become even more personalized; they hope to get more control over their online identities but there is widespread doubt this will become possible; they fear and expect commercialization of I&A services, and expect that surveillance will expand (about which they have mixed feelings). We end the paper with recommendations for further research and for designers of I&A systems.
Van Zoonen, L., & Turner, G. (2013, November). Taboos and desires of the UK public for identity management in the future: findings from two survey games. In Proceedings of the 2013 ACM workshop on Digital identity management (pp. 37-44). ACM.



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