Examining in Gent

23 05 2014

On May 12, I travelled to Gent (wasn’t easy) to be part of the PhD examination committee of Sander de Ridder. I met Sander about four years ago when he was two month into his PhD and participating in a seminar in which he and other candidates presented their research to me and a couple of other seasoned academics. It was great to see how the then somewhat shy boy has matured in a very confident and humorous academic, who presented and defended his research with great flair. Sander’s research about how young people use the internet to shape their intimate lives, in fact how their intimate lives have become completely interwoven with their digital media, shows yet again a set of paradoxes; complete openness directed by clear do’s and don’ts, and mechanisms of discipline and control; self imposed of course, otherwise Foucault wouldn’t be happy. Good stuff, great to see all the friends from Gent, and getting home was unexpectedly easy. The theses is called Unfolding intimate media cultures: an inquiry into young people’s intimacies on social networking sites, and see Sander’s website here: http://www.cims.ugent.be/members/sander-de-ridder 




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