Speaking at the Privacy and Identity Lab of TNO

2 07 2014

Last friday I spoke at one of the research meetings of the Privacy and Identity Lab of TNO (Netherlands Organisation forApplied Scientific Research) in Delft. The PI Lab (click this link) hosts researchers from different Dutch universities who study identity management from a technical and legal perspective. Since IMPRINTS has such a strong focus on emotional and cultural aspects of Identity Management, it was felt that our approach could add a valuable dimension to the technologies and research the PI Lab is developing. I was particularly taken by the smart card project IRMA (I Reveal My Attributes, click link here), in which a card that only shows context appropriate personal data is tested in real life cases. It reminded me a bit of the Psychic ID card that Consult Hyperion once developed on the basis of the Psychic ID Paper in Dr. Who (see link here). Evidentlty there is a great need for contextual integrity of data provision. Something we found in our data as well. It was a good meeting with an inspiring mix of senior scholars and PhD students.




One response

11 10 2015
Marc van Lieshout

Hi Liesbet, a little late but nevertheless thanks for mentioning the PI.lab. I like the idea in which you present your blog. Will try to copy that for the PI.lab as well!

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