Explaining game surveys to survey specialists, failed I think

26 08 2014

On July 25, I went to Utrecht for the European Congress on Methodology. I presented our two game surveys in a session on innovations in web-based surveys. I basically used the information in the paper we wrote for Sage (link here), but focused a bit more on the quality of the data, especially with respect to validity and reliability. As always the visuals of our project were spectacular and impressive, but from the questions afterwards I realised how uncommon and new our game surveys are to this academic community of methodologists. One question was about how you could estimate with these data, and I realised I had forgotten to explain that the data you get from a game survey are the exact same kind of data matrix that you get from a normal survey; another question involved calculations of reliability on the basis of the data matrix itself, instead of on the basis of replication measures. Nobody came up afterwards to ask more questions, which was disappointing. I think it was possibly too frivolous to be taken seriously by this community, It is a marked difference from the reactions my companion in this project Betty Adamou from ResearchThroughGaming gets from the market researchers; these are more eager it seems.




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