Double impact

10 12 2014

This week we counted two more good impacts for IMPRINTS. First, we became part of the revised Global Uncertainties website; it is the revised program of the joint UK research councils, which now goes under the title of Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Researh (PaCCS). Our IMPRINTS research has made it to the site as an exemplary case study of research impact. The invitation reads Find out how partnership research is being used to improve plicy and practice, and it gives a short overview of our activities to reach a wide set of stakeholders and user groups

Secondly, I gave another talk for a group of professionals. After the European E-ID network, the Dutch E-ID scheme, the Privacy and Identity Lab, it was now show time at the Platform for Information Security, convening in Amsterdam. I talked about the way ordinary users of identification and authentication systems are not always guided by rational consideration, that there is a privacy paradox, and that all the information in the world sometimes cannot take away distrust and reluctance. And then eleborated our point that user agency is key in the acceptance of new ID systems and in secure user behavior. It was a good meeting,and several people discussed the challenge of providing users with the instruments to control their personal data.




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