10 02 2015

It’s been a while since I taught in Loughborough because the Department generously awarded me some time to work on the IMPRINTS project and to fill in as a dean of the Graduate School in Rotterdam. But now I am back in class, and enjoying it most of the time.  One of the things I teach is basic statistics, univariate and bivariate analysis, and I can’t help being struck every time again about the wonder of SPPS menus, especially when I compare them to the punch-card hell I had to go through when I was my current students’ age. Typing in your get file; in column 16 commands, dropping your pile, cycling to the math center at the other end of the city for output, only to find that you made a typo: it simply said ‘error’ on you matrix printer output. Things have changed, and other things are changing as well. So my lectures in my undergrad Media Landscapes module and graduate Cultural Work module won’t hold for a year, because before you know it: Blackberry and Nokia have disappeared from the market; Netflix is changing the TV value chain once again; page Three girl disappeared….oh no, that was a joke. Soho, the centre of creative work, is under pressure of real estate developers and might disappear; James Blunt has a row about classism in the UK cultural industries with shadow secretary of culture Chris Bryant of Labor, Facebook is losing momentum (is it?), and so on and so forth; no free lunches in this discipline!




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