Grant awarded for ‘How young people perceive and practice good sex’

25 04 2015

The Foundation for Fundamental Research On Sexuality (FWOS) has granted us  a three year post-doc and research costs for a project about youth and good sex. The initial call focused on youth, sexuality and ethnicity, to which we submitted a somewhat alternative angle by asking how  youth perceive and practice ‘good sex’, and in which contexts ethnicity becomes implicated? We did so because we expect this may shed light on how youth produce counter points to certain public and professional debates. The latter often appear biased towards  problematic sexual behavior and experiences of young people with ‘ethnic’ backgrounds. In examining youth’s understanding of good sex, we pay particular attention to the meaning of their various identities in this respect (e.g. ethnicity, gender, class, subculture), and how their perceptions and practices are contingent on specific social and spatial locations; by that we meant parties. Thus the core empirical material of the research will start with observations at parties: etno-parties, student-parties, raves, festivals, and so on. We also use an updated version of the mass observatory approach, and include social media analytics. The initial invitation to submit the call was for Irene van Oorschot, who is a PhD candidate at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She also came up with the title Good Sex, and assembled a great team, including Samira van Bohemen, Tonny Krijnen, Willem Schinkel and myself. Together we discussed the pros and cons of the call, the pitfalls of current discussions about ethnicity and sexuality and the possible alternatives. It appeared we shared a desire to use creative new research methods, which the jury also considered a strong point of the proposal. We are looking forward to three years collective good fun and research!




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