PhD Degree for Nily Hamid

2 06 2015

It was a busy month for PhD defenses. Nily Hamid, currently working at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus, succesfully defended her PhD on the representation of Turkey in the British press. Nily is the quintessential cosmopolitan scholar, born in Bulgaria, growing up in Cyprus, living in Turkey, the UK, the US and finally the Netherlands. As a result Nily has a great network of academic friends accross the world, a couple of whom who where there at the ceremonial in Rotterdam, which was nice and friendly event. Her thesis exceptionally covered the representation of Turkey in popular genres of journalism: sports, travel and lifestyle. Early chapters of her thesis have been published already, see:

Hamid-Turksoy, N., Kuipers, G. & L. van Zoonen (online first, 2014). Try a taste of Turkey: An analysis of Turkey’s representation in British newspapers’ travel sections. Journalism Studies, DOI:10.1080/1461670X.2013.857479.

Hamid-Turksoy, N., van Zoonen, L., & Kuipers, G. (2014). “I Dumped My Husband For a Turkish Toyboy” Romance tourism and intersectionality in British tabloid newspapers. Feminist Media Studies, 14(5), 806-821.




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