Overheid en innovatie; government and innovation

16 09 2015

Oracle, a software giant that serves many local governments in the Netherlands, organised a knowledge-sharing day at Erasmus University on September 10. After energizing and inspiring keynotes, among others by Farid Tabarki of Studio Zeitgeist, the about 150 participants spread in break out sessions. I shared the floor with Michel Moorman of Toon/Eneco, and the mayor of Nieuwegein, Frank Bakhuys. Together our presentations gave a good idea of how ordinary people are confronted by the digital and data revolution: they need to identify themselves more often to a variety of systems that collect data about them, in return they get better services and a more direct voice in political and consumer affairs. Of course, it is much more complicated than that, but I am just indicating the kinds of discussions and presentations we had. Poor Michel got most of the audience concerns about privacy and data exploitation; the mayor was unexpectedly radical in his belief in the new possibilities for bottom up direct democracy. It was a really nice event which showed that the mantra of knowledge. government and corporate exchange can actually work…. this time.






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