eID debate forgets repair discussion

23 09 2015

I am/was at a national debate about the new eID scheme in the Netherlands and  basically said that privacy scenarios ( classic, transparent, choice, control) fail because data have become too big and too complex for the ordinary person, the expert and the IT specialist alike. Hence my plea for more attention for data repair in case of ID-mistakes, fraud and theft. We need an electronic triple AAA. And more attention for diversity among users which many of the usual company of 90 % white middle class men forgot again.Nevertheless, it was a good meeting with interesting discussions. Everyone, whether from corporate or from government, is struggling with the best way to organise identity and access management.The Estonian example of a one-size-fits-all public means of IM is very popular in the Netherlands and often mentioned as a great solution worth following. On the other hand, Estonia captured the moment of new state building and created many advantages that are impossible for an older state like the NL with all its existing institutions and procedures. The eID officer of the ministry of the Interior said that she often is at the table with 20 + different stakeholder. Challenge!!




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