Biometrics talk: Service or surveillance

9 11 2015

The Dutch Association of Identity and Biometrics (November 3) had invited me to talk about the Service or Surveillance theme, that runs through our research on identity management and big data alike. People’s acceptance of identity management technologies depends increasingly less on the means used (biometrics,smart tokens) and more and more on how they perceive the purposes for which their identity data are used. This is a matter of perception rather than objective fact, with well known but strange paradoxes. Facebook, for instance, while strongly excercising commercial surveillance is often considered in terms of service, while many government institutions, while trying to provide service, tend to be seen as surveilling. The speaker before me presented the biometric chain in the Dutch penitentiary system, very interesting but simultaneously embarrassing that our refugees have to go through the same biometric ‘street’ as the ‘justitials’, policy discourse for prisoners. Two women, including myself, in a company of about 50 men. But had some good conversations and learned new stuf, so adds up into the plus. See here for impression: 




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