27 01 2016

Forgot to update my activities for the last two months, so here is a list, for myself as well as for people interested:

  • the Dutch Ministry of the Interior will be conducting a number of pilot studies testing out their new E-ID system. I became a member of the board that is supervising the evaluation research, which started with the name of Commissie Veld. (from november 12)
  • we held a workshop with academics and city servants collaborting in our Knowledge Lab Urban Big Data, to explore and experiment with Coosto, a social media monitoring tool that helps you to collect people’s  social media updates about whatever you want, with data going back to 2009 (17 november), see 
  • I held a keynote, Changing articulations of identity and identification, at ECREA’s conference on Diaspora, Migration and the Media Section Conference: The porous walls of fortress Europe: Contemporary media discourses of cultural belonging. Rotterdam, 18 november, 
  • Tonny Krijnen and Sophie van Bauwel launched their book Gender and media, Routledge) in Rotterdam on 24 november, I had the honour of commenting on it (as it is meant as a much needed update for Feminist Media Studies),
  • I presented the Kenniswerkplaats as an example of impact in a conference organised by the Dutch Royal Academy,, Utrecht, December 2.
  • Talked to Peter Olsthoorn for an article in i-Bestuur about the new e-Id system of the government: 
  • On january 8, I participated in the PhD Exam of Sander Schwartz, of the IT University of Kopenhagen, he did his research about Danish politicians and young citizens using Facebook for public debate and campaiging. Good defense, good dissertation.
  • we had a really inspiring Dean’s Masterclass about Migration, with great talks by colleagues Peter Scholten, Sabine Severiens and Amanda Paz and a set of deeply engaged PhD candidates exploring new multidisciplinary questions (January 15).
  • at the i-Bestuur conference, a yearly event for e-Government in the NL, I presented both the Knowlegde Lab and our privacy challenges scheme, which went down well. Utrecht, January 27.
  • plus all everyday academic things, finished teaching, took on new PhD candidates, explored new grant possibilities, went to meetings, etcetera.



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