Politics and media debate in Groningen

8 03 2016

The Danish TV series Borgen has inspired the North Dutch Theatre to develop a 10 hour play. http://www.nnt.nl/borgen
In the side show various discussions are taking place; I participated in a panel in Groningen yesterday, titled The spindoctor and the politician. Other members of the panel were Myrthe Hilkens, Jack de Vries and Peter Kee. Birte Shohaus, PhD candidate at RUG had compiled a number of debate triggering fragments from Dutch talkshows. We talked about the role of media and the challenges for women in politics. I tried to claim that politicians’ social media behavior is not really to engage with voters, but to elicit data from likes, shares and comments, and provide the campaign data scientists with detailed information about likely supporters. The data scientist will become the new spin doctor, and in TV drama the Kaspers, Tobies and Joshes will make room for the number crunchers and the nerds. With an audience of 55 +, a spin doctor and a tv journalist in the panel, that did not get much support. But see https://twitter.com/nataschavthooft/status/706923398774005760?s=09




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