Funding fortunes

16 04 2016

Always difficult to get a good grant in the current competitive landscape, but two nice ones came through last month. First, Carlo de Wijs and myself managed to convince NWO that his research Microdynamics of musical innovation, zooming in on the Hammond organ, should be awarded with a PhD scholarship. Carlo is the leading international artist on the Hammond and will use his love for the instrument and his vast knowledge to both write a history and conduct a number of innovative experiments around the organ. Carlo received the grant from no one less than the Dutch minister of education, see this link (in Dutch)

The other grant is for a consortium of urban big data researchers from Leiden University, Technical University Delft and my own Erasmus, to set up a centre for Big Open and Linked Data Cities (BOLD Cities) and examine the multifold social, cultural, analytic and policy challenges that the current data revolution poses for cities. We will focus on three dimensions of the city: urban health, urban environment and urban experience. The Center will conduct research and develop teaching programs, see this link.



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