Delivering the Jay Blumler lecture in Leeds

23 04 2016

It was a really nice event today, with Jay himself, now 92, present.I compiled a number of thoughts from our identity work in IMPRINTS to talk about the tensions between our sense of self and current means of identification, among which the passport. Increasingly identities are being imposed on us by different technological systems (of the nation state for instance, in the case of the passport and of internet giants in the case of Google) and  cultural regimes of authenticity and nationalism. Partly these are discussions of privacy, but it also shows how our multiple, intersecting identities have become vulnerable to unification. As an honour to Jay I framed the discussion in terms of identity being a vulnerable value, a concept that is central in his work. In return, Jay sang a song for me at the end, something he seems to do on many occasions in Leeds, it was very touching.Lovely day. Watch again here:




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