Doctoral degree for Mike de Kreek

27 01 2017

My PhD candidate Mike de Kreek succesfully defended his doctoral dissertation yesterday. Mike conducted his research while working at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences at the same time. He examined local memory websites and their meaning for the neighborhood: how do they achieve empowerment at individual, collective and cultural levels, and what does their particular organisational form has to do with that? The defense committee questioned Mike about the use of several theoretical concepts (such as cultural citizenship, empowerment and memory), and about the logic of his self-designed data scraper and analytic instrument. He was praised for his solid empirical work and the outcomes of his research, especially the comparison between two Amsterdam memory sites, each with a different kind of empowerment. The ‘Geheugen van Oost‘ is carried by a small, dedicated group of volunteers who cover a select group of historical themes that invite quite a lot of comments from neighborhood residents. The ‘Geheugen van West‘, on the other hand, has a wider and less solid group of volunteers, and draws less comments, but has a more diverse collection of memories.  Mike celebrated his achievements with a large group of volunteers from both memory sites, whom he took to the Rotterdam Storyhouse Belvedere.

P1260174 kopiex.jpg

Parts of Mike’s dissertation have been published already, below is a list of references and links for follow up:

Kreek, M.D. (2016). Collective empowerment through local memory websites: balancing between group interest and common good. Dissertation Erasmus University Rotterdam: PDF

Kreek, M. D., & Zoonen, L. van (2013). New directions in research on local memory websites. Journal of Social Intervention: Theory and Practice, 22(2), 113-130. PDF

de Kreek, M., & Oosterbroek, M. (2013). The Future of Local Memory Websites as Empowering Niches in Amsterdam. In Intelligent Environments (Workshops) (pp. 653-662).PDF




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