Encyclopedia Media Effects

7 02 2017

Much of my research and writing time last year was dedicated to co-editing the Wiley Encyclopedia of Media Effects. Interestingly, I was asked to develop a whole section on critical media studies in the encyclopedia, especially dedicated to the question if and how media effects studies connect to critical media theory. Some critical propositions of how media work, explicitly adopt traditional hypodermic needle models and psychological socialization theories. Moreover, many critical media theories have implicit assumptions about how media work that resemble other psychological media effects theories. Those observations were my starting point for compiling and editing the critical sections in the encyclopedia, and we thus have entries about, among other things, critical authors like Brecht, Bourdieu and McLuhan and their implicit ideas about how media work, critical theories of racism and orientalism, and feminism and their effects-theories, and critical concepts like false consciousness or intertextuality, which also include ideas about how media influence people. I am altogether pleased with the outcomes, and hope all of this will be helpful to students, PhD candidates and even my seasoned colleagues.


Roessler, P., Hoffner, C. & :L. van Zoonen (eds). International Encyclopedia of Media Effects. Wiley-Blackwell

I contributed two entries myself, for which you can find the unedited author versions here:

False consciousness as a theory of media effects – link

Intertextuality and media effects – link




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